• Darla Desiderio

Your Stinky Tween!

Bath time used to be so much fun. That is, it was until your kid hit their tween years. Ugh! It feels so sudden that the promise of bubbles and a cute rubber ducky now gets a sigh, eye roll or even worse a slammed bedroom door. What to do about this new child of yours that stinks? First, understand that they can't smell themselves. Their olfactory system just has not caught-up to all of the other emotional and physical changes that they are experiencing. One solution, take them swimming! Take them swimming lots! Not crazy about making an after dinner trip to the pool? Reference more tips at Pop Sugar Moms. https://www.popsugar.com/moms/3-Reasons-Kids-Dont-Shower-What-Do-About-27332717

Why your tweens and teenagers hate to shower and what to do about it.
Why do tweens hate to shower?

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