• Darla Desiderio

When Mother Nature Speaks!

If your child is afraid of storms they are not alone. Things like lightening, thunder and high winds can really shake-up even the toughest child. Specifically, when it comes to the storm kind of scary, knowledge and acceptance are both key. What exactly is lightening? Why is thunder so load? And wind is really cool. After all you can float a paper airplane on it! Understanding a bit of the science behind a storm and accepting that mama nature will always be an important part of our lives will go along way to calming your kid in the eye of a storm! For more tips on the subject go to https://www.omaha.com/momaha/extras/health-fitness/ways-to-comfort-scared-kids-during-severe-weather/article_eb88da0a-ef3f-11e4-ab62-b79dd8b04004.html #thegageseries #childrensfiction #middlegradefiction #dogbook #mom #parents #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #dyslexia #writerlife #authorlife #kids #whippet

Calm your child in the eye of the storm.

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