• Darla Desiderio

Tween Dating? Ugh!

Lets get real about kids and dating. First, they are children and finally they are children. What is the purpose of tween dating? Are the two going to create a partnership for life? With the adult divorce rate at approximately fifty percent I say nope. So, in my opinion with no fathomable reason to date I say, let them have fun instead! Statistics tell the tale of how NOT fun tween dating really is. Keep the conversation open and keep dating on the shelf. How to field the request from your tween to start dating? My answer is, "Honey you have a lifetime of dating ahead of you, so be patient and for goodness sake have fun instead." For more information on the subject check out https://www.verywellfamily.com/the-problems-associated-with-tween-dating-3288485 For Problems Associated With Tween Dating. #tweendating #thegageseries #middlegradefiction #childrensfiction #dogbook #dyslexia #whippet #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #rescuedog #clt #davidsonnc #mom #parenting #teacher

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