• Darla Desiderio

Kid Fashion A Confidence Booster!

You don't have to empty your piggy bank to keep your kid on trend. Thanks to retailers like Target and Walmart, and consignment shops that have upped their game. Is it important that your kid go out into the world wearing the latest fashions? No, it is more about the experience. Planning a day devoted to discovery! Learning how cloths look and feel. Which colors make them smile. A special accessory like a hat or necklace is truly a confidence booster! So make it a day and invest in fashion today! Check out this article on 2018 fashion trends for kids at https://dress-trends.com/kids-fashion-2018/ #kidfashion #thegageseries #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #dogbook #kidsbook #childrensbook #whippet #rescuedog #dyslexia #middlegradefiction #childrensfiction #tween

Dressing your kid builds confidence.
Kid fashion matters!

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