• Darla Desiderio

A Smooth Transition To Middle School.

Lip biting to crying, parents should be prepared for anything, the first couple of weeks of the new school year. I have vivid memories of the first day of middle school. OMG it was frightening! It was the combination lock on my locker that gave me nightmares for not just weeks but months. Checking my class schedule once, twice, three times to make sure I knew where to be and when was anxiety provoking! The scene is set in the middle school hallway. A transition after lunch to my next class and I couldn't get the combination lock to open! Why me?! Panic welled up in my throat with each minute that ticked by. I was going to be late to class and have to crack the door with all eyes on me. Or even worse, I would never get it to open and the janitor would be required to arrive with bolt cutters to remove it. Looking for ways to help your tween rock their first day of school? Check out, How to Ensure Your Tween ROCKS the First Day of Middle School at https://letslassothemoon.com/2016/08/09/middle-school/. #childrensfiction #middlegradebooks #dogbook #thescrapper #gagetheflyingwhippet #thegageseries #freelancewriter #dyslexia #fictionbook #book #whippet #teacher #mom

Rocking their first day of middle school!

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