Author Note:

Having no children of my own to nurture, I hope my legacy will be the wisdom that I impart in my children’s stories. In the Gage the Flying Whippet series, young readers will learn the value of persistence in shaping their own life's path, and that being different is exactly what makes them special.

Gage the Flying Whippet
Gage the Flying Whippet
Book 1 Lexile 780L 

Gage the Flying Whippet Synopsis

This book takes the juvenile reader (ages seven to ten) on a thought-provoking journey with Samantha Desarata (Sammie) a rising eighth grader with dyslexia. Faced with the reality of remedial summer-school math, Sammie feels frustrated and defeated—until she meets a magical canine friend to mentor her through life’s obstacles.

The Scrapper
The Scrapper
Book 2 Lexile 770L
The Scrapper Synopsis

Garrett P. Murphy finds himself during the winter break of his eighth-grade year having to take care of himself because nobody else can. He struggles in fast-paced New Jersey and New York City to support himself and his family after the loss of what should have been an established figure in his life. With the help of an unusual canine pal he names “Scrap,” Garrett discovers his own impressive resourcefulness and creates a small repair business. He is pushed to survive, finding help from places he never could have imaged.

Gage the Flying Whippet Coloring Zine
The Gage the Flying Whippet Coloring Zine

The Gage the Flying Whippet Coloring Zine Synopsis

Travel to imaginary places with this unique coloring zine, a mini coloring magazine that features the black-and-white chapter illustrations from the Gage the Flying Whippet series of books. Young readers can engage with the characters and scenes depicted in the series as they color each of the twenty-five beautiful illustrations. The zine also contains designated drawing pages, so children may sketch the content of their imaginations while reading about Gage’s special dog wisdom. Each page is framed so the finished creation can be cut out and given as a gift. Dream big dreams with this coloring zine!

The Swan
Book 3
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