Kid Fashion A Confidence Booster!

You don't have to empty your piggy bank to keep your kid on trend. Thanks to retailers like Target and Walmart, and consignment shops that have upped their game. Is it important that your kid go out into the world wearing the latest fashions? No, it is more about the experience. Planning a day devoted to discovery! Learning how cloths look and feel. Which colors make them smile. A special accessory like a hat or necklace is truly a confidence booster! So make it a day and in

Kids Are NOT Natural Thrill Seekers.

So your talented kid decides to quit an activity they are REALLY good at. It is an exasperating situation for any parent and coach. She plays like the next Olympian, or he masters the chessboard like a boy genius. And yep, they both want to quit! What? That's right, stick a fork in them because they are done. The solution? It will come after you internalize the fact that most kids are not born to defy failure. So if yours is not talking about cliff diving from the moment they

The Perfectionist Kid. Worry Less & Do More.

Wouldn't we all love to worry less and do more? To possess the superpower to capture time, having more time for the fun stuff. Your perfection child feels the same way. Or, at least they understand how it feels to worry. Ugh! They worry too much and too often. As adults we can help them worry less. Which will magically free-up "worry time" to just be a kid. Get them started on their way to more fun by exposing worries. Help them put words around their feelings. For more about

The Tween & Coping With Conflict.

Conflict resolution is one of the most important life lessons you will teach your child. Learning to live well with others is the key to a happy tween experience. With great skills they will grow into a peaceful adult life. Your tween is at a time in life where they are wondering how the heck they are going manage their world. So, it is critical that you step up to the plate to build confidence! Where to begin? First, the example begins at home. Simply, be what you want to s

Tween Fireworks...

Hey parents, Happy 4th of July! On this 4th, a tip for keeping the fireworks in the sky, and out of our home. Tweens, like adults, need to "chillax." Being a tween kid is challenging, so make sure they have enough down time to just be a kid! Want more tips into managing tween fireworks? Check out an article on the subject at verywellfamily! #tween #children #kids #teenager #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #book