When Mother Nature Speaks!

If your child is afraid of storms they are not alone. Things like lightening, thunder and high winds can really shake-up even the toughest child. Specifically, when it comes to the storm kind of scary, knowledge and acceptance are both key. What exactly is lightening? Why is thunder so load? And wind is really cool. After all you can float a paper airplane on it! Understanding a bit of the science behind a storm and accepting that mama nature will always be an important part

The Tween Brain And Social Media

The social media LIKE is bucking for its place in your tween's brain. It has found a firm foot hold due to the fact that the reward circuitry is thought to be a sensitive place for the tween and teenager. Shut down social media for a day to teach your child how the face to face interaction is still the best way to deliver and receive a message between to people. Help them experience how much information is downloaded in the exchange of human expressions and gestures. I promi

Tween Dating? Ugh!

Lets get real about kids and dating. First, they are children and finally they are children. What is the purpose of tween dating? Are the two going to create a partnership for life? With the adult divorce rate at approximately fifty percent I say nope. So, in my opinion with no fathomable reason to date I say, let them have fun instead! Statistics tell the tale of how NOT fun tween dating really is. Keep the conversation open and keep dating on the shelf. How to field the re

A Smooth Transition To Middle School.

Lip biting to crying, parents should be prepared for anything, the first couple of weeks of the new school year. I have vivid memories of the first day of middle school. OMG it was frightening! It was the combination lock on my locker that gave me nightmares for not just weeks but months. Checking my class schedule once, twice, three times to make sure I knew where to be and when was anxiety provoking! The scene is set in the middle school hallway. A transition after lunch to

Are You A Bully?

Hey parents, am I talking to you? Yep. Are you a bull dog on social media? Finger tips ready to hit those keys if someone puts up a post that you disagree with. Do you comment intent on squashing their opinion into the next century? How about when a service provider doesn't get it right and you verbally eviscerate them for your child to witness. Hope to make a dent in kid bully behavior? Look in the mirror and make a change. Amen. Read more on the subject at http://www.sale

Do Something!

The tween and self-esteem. Do the two words belong in the same sentence? Yes. Do they rarely climb into bunk beds together for a fun sleep over? Yes. Come on parents lets change this! The struggle to build self-esteem in the tween kid feels like a daunting task. It was just a year or two in the past that your tween was a happy-go-lucky child. Because low self-esteem is a thinking kinda problem, change the way you think about it. Don't live in the past, by wishing to get your

Dyslexia is NOT a Problem of Intelligence.

Educating a kid with dyslexia is a unique journey. All kids are special. Educating them is like receiving a precious gift box wrapped in joyful paper. You tear off the paper, open the lid... whoa! An experience for a life time! In addition to what all kids need, dyslexic kids do require an extra dose of positive. To serve-up an enthusiastic dose, it is best to look at the world through their eyes. How you ask do I do that? With pen in hand, write the words down from a favorit

Kid Fashion A Confidence Booster!

You don't have to empty your piggy bank to keep your kid on trend. Thanks to retailers like Target and Walmart, and consignment shops that have upped their game. Is it important that your kid go out into the world wearing the latest fashions? No, it is more about the experience. Planning a day devoted to discovery! Learning how cloths look and feel. Which colors make them smile. A special accessory like a hat or necklace is truly a confidence booster! So make it a day and in

Author Appearance!

The Gage Series is on the move! Digital space is free to anyone that wants to self-publish the book of their dreams. And that includes kids. The Tutoring Link feeds that dream with, The Young Author's Writing Workshop. Join budding writers as they create their own personal stories August 6th to the 9th from 10a to 12p. The Gage Series will be making an author appearance to brainstorm personal creative words and how to construct descriptive sentences. Call The Tutoring Link at

Why Do Children Need Storytelling?

In fiction, children will find imaginary places. Reading about them will tickle the creative thinking part of their brains. Not to mention the fun far away places and interesting cultural cool stuff they will discover! Inspire them to read and they will look beyond their own limitations and fly! For more reasons why story telling for kids rocks! Go to The Child Development Institute a https://childdevelopmentinfo.com/child-activities/storytelling-for-children/#.W0-_bNJKhPY

The Perfectionist Kid. Worry Less & Do More.

Wouldn't we all love to worry less and do more? To possess the superpower to capture time, having more time for the fun stuff. Your perfection child feels the same way. Or, at least they understand how it feels to worry. Ugh! They worry too much and too often. As adults we can help them worry less. Which will magically free-up "worry time" to just be a kid. Get them started on their way to more fun by exposing worries. Help them put words around their feelings. For more about

The Tween & Coping With Conflict.

Conflict resolution is one of the most important life lessons you will teach your child. Learning to live well with others is the key to a happy tween experience. With great skills they will grow into a peaceful adult life. Your tween is at a time in life where they are wondering how the heck they are going manage their world. So, it is critical that you step up to the plate to build confidence! Where to begin? First, the example begins at home. Simply, be what you want to s

Tween Fireworks...

Hey parents, Happy 4th of July! On this 4th, a tip for keeping the fireworks in the sky, and out of our home. Tweens, like adults, need to "chillax." Being a tween kid is challenging, so make sure they have enough down time to just be a kid! Want more tips into managing tween fireworks? Check out an article on the subject at verywellfamily! https://www.verywellfamily.com/tweens-and-mood-swings-3288039 #tween #children #kids #teenager #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #book

The Imagination of the Dyslexic!

Actress Keira Knightly shares intimate insight into the qualities that make the dyslexic child unique. Thank you Keira for sharing your wisdom and heart with the community! Parents looking for related resources check out these Facebook pages. https://www.facebook.com/groups/dyslexiaGastonCoNC/ https://www.facebook.com/madebydyslexia/ #dyslexia #teacher #mom #reading #imagination #education #specialeducation #school #middlegradebooks #childrensfiction #children #kids #childhoo

Today Is The Day!

The Gage Series book giveaway contest is ending at midnight. Will you be the lucky winner? Don't delay go http://www.thegageseries.com/contact to enter to win today! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning June 21, 2018 between 8:00 and 8:45 a.m. via Facebook live! #contest #thegagetheflyingwhippetseries #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #childrensbook #kidsbook #dogbook #dyslexia #childrensfiction #giveaway #book #free #summerreading

Enter to Win The Gage Series!

Don't miss The Queen City Connections Book Giveaway Contest! Keep summer reading for your child on track with this cool enter to win contest! How it works ... ​#1 - Like the Facebook group, Queen City Connections   and comment "Summer Reading Rocks!"  https://www.facebook.com/groups/QCConnections/ ​#2 - Like @GagetheFlyingWhippet on Facebook ​#3- Visit http://www.thegageseries.com/contact and submit your Name and Email to Enter! ​Include a fun message! Good Luck!! Contest Det

Let Her Imagination Soar!

Parents, encourage your child to read! They will visit imaginary places they never could have imagined. In children's fiction engaging characters will greet them, tickling their dreams to create new hopes to contemplate and to share with you! #gagetheflyingwhippet #thescrapper #thegageseries #whippet #dogbook #childrensfiction #middlegradebook #dyslexia #book #imagination #reading #author #children #kidsbook #childhood #rescuedog #writer

Donations Rock!

Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that have donated the Gage the Flying Whippet book series to their local library! These were donated to my hometown library, the Bernardsville Library in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Donate today! #donate #donation #bernardsville #library #newjersey #school #teacher #mom #parents #childrensfiction #dogbook #dyslexia #charity #whippet #rescuedog #dog #kidsbook